yield protection

Yield Protection: What It Is And How To Prevent It

What is yield protection in college admissions? Yield protection is the process of college admissions officers from a college denying admission to an overqualified high schooler for that college, believing that that high schooler will be accepted to a more prestigious school and subsequently would probably not attend their less prestigious institution. In other words, they …

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LLRISE MIT Program Guide

About the LLRISE Program The Lincoln Laboratory Radar Introduction for Student Engineers (LLRISE) program is a program hosted by MIT where students lead how to build radar systems. The program is a free two-week residential program for high school juniors. You are provided housing, which will be at an MIT dorm. However, you have to …

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how to cure a weed hangover

Weed Hangover (How To Cure)

How to cure a weed hangover Knowing how to cure a weed hangover can make you feel better. The primary cause of weed hangover effects is due to residual metabolites made by the body as it breaks down THC. These metabolites temporarily make your body produce lower amounts of normal endocannabinoids. Many people smoke marijuana …

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