high sat scores

High SAT Scores

High SAT Scores If you’re from an underrepresented group or you’re the first in your family to go to college I would consider sending your SAT scores if you’re close to the 25th percentile even if you’re not exactly there.  Note that the test blind schools mainly the UCs and Caltech aren’t going to look …

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sat tutoring

SAT Tutoring

Sat Tutoring SAT tutoring is an option that some high schoolers might seek out. The SAT is a standardized test that consists of three sections: Reading, Writing and Language, and Math, measuring students’ ability to perform in college application.  The test is used by colleges to evaluate a students’ intelligence. Doing well on the SAT …

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easiest ap classes

Easiest AP Classes

What are the Easiest AP Classes? Knowing the easiest AP classes can help you maintain your GPA while also getting college credit and appearing as though you are challenging yourself to colleges. Some students have an interest in a particular subject area that led them to take AP classes, while others just want to get …

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are ap classes worth it

Are AP Classes Worth It?

Are AP Classes Worth It? If you’re wondering if ap classes are worth it know that there are three types of classes: regular, honors, and AP. Regular AP classes are designed for students who want the easiest possible class in that subject; honors is a bit harder than regular, and AP is the hardest of …

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pre ap classes

Pre-AP Classes

Pre-AP Classes Taking pre-AP or AP classes can be a smart move for high school students. The classes challenge you academically and prepare you for college, but they also provide other benefits like better SAT scores, college credit, and the chance to get scholarships. However, some schools don’t offer these courses, so it’s important to check …

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