how to cure a weed hangover

Weed Hangover (How To Cure One FAST)

How to cure a weed hangover

The primary cause of a weed hangover effects is due to residual metabolites made by the body as it breaks down THC. These metabolites temporarily make your body produce lower amounts of normal endocannabinoids.



How to cure headache/brain fog from a weed hangover | How to cure a weed hangover

To cure a headache from a weed hangover, you can try head massages and over-the-counter pain relief medicines (Ibuprofen, Aleve, Aspirin, Tylenol, etc). Drinking water will relieve any dry mouth, dry eyes, or headaches you may be experiencing. Drinking something will also help flush out remaining THC in your system. For 75% of people, cold compresses can help relieve headaches.

According to my stoner friend, washing your face is a great first step to get your blood flowing to your brain. Cold water will really wake you up but it will be a little uncomfortable. If you need to be up quickly you can just cup your hands with cold water. That won’t feel nice, but it will wake you up fast. You’ll feel less groggy more quickly. Warm water will be more relaxing but won’t wake you up as fast.

Like I said earlier, your hangover from weed is due to a lack of endocannabinoids. A hot shower appears to balance endocannabinoid tone by stimulating related thermo-receptors. Exercising also does this for you, so exercise and a hot shower can offset the hangover. The steam from a hot shower can also open your airways. You can also listen to music while showering because it will probably improve your mood. Overall, you shouldn’t just sit and watch TV because you won’t start to feel better until you start to force your brain to really become active again.


What to eat and drink for breakfast | How to cure a weed hangover

Eat essential fatty acids like Omega 3s. Fresh salmon and tree nuts are great sources! The body uses some of these fatty acids to make new endocannabinoids. Caffeine can also help you snap out of the fog of a weed hangover. Do know that coffee is safe to drink with aspirin. In fact, it helps aspirin/acetaminophen work better! Studies have found people with headaches or migraines experienced more relief when they took aspirin and acetaminophen with caffeine. This is also why aspirin contains caffeine.


Dry eyes | How to cure a weed hangover

Visine and other brands have a plethora of products to deal with all sorts of eye issues.


Other tips | How to cure a weed hangover

Don’t mix alcohol and cannabis because the combined hangover effects will make you feel worse.

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