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How to Activate SunPass Transponder

The below guide is all about SunPass activation, including how to activate SunPass mini and the regular SunPass.


What you need to activate SunPass mini:

1) Transponder ID number on the unit. This number this guy is pointing at is the Transponder ID number on the SunPass mini.

how to activate sunpass mini

2) Vehicle license plate number

3) Your name, address, and phone number

Where to activate SunPass:

– Online at

– Call their customer service phone number at 888-865-5352. Business hours: Monday – Friday, 7AM-7PM and Saturdays 8:30-5pm. The customer service representative can activate it for you and create an account for you on if you don’t already have an account.

– You can activate your SunPass by downloading the free app called SunPass which is available on IOS and Android. 

– In person at a SunPass Customer Service Center location (visit for the list of SunPass Customer Service Centers)

You can also activate SunPass transponders at a machine near you

There are SunPass machines in some stores where you can activate your SunPass, check your balance, replenish your SunPass account/transponders, pay toll citations/violations, and pay toll by plate invoices. Find a machine near you here:  You can also find a machine near you here: 

These machines are available at many authorized merchants near you including your neighborhood grocery, convenience and check-cashing stores. These authorized merchants will collect a separate convenience fee of $1.50 for each replenishment transaction. (There is no fee for balance inquiries). 


– According to the SunPass website, the SunPass mini sticker tags can be activated and used immediately in SunPass-only, E-Pass-only (in Orlando) and Leeway-only (in Fort Myers) lanes. If you need to drive through mixed-use lanes that accept both SunPass and cash or the I-95 express lanes, you need to wait until 6 a.m. on the morning after you activated your transponder.

– The SunPass transponder has no funds and won’t work until you put a minimum of $10 on your account with a credit or debit card

– You have the option of adding funds with cash at over 5,000 retail locations. Visit to find out more.

– You must keep your balance above $0 in order to keep your SunPass active and avoid administrative fees.

How do I know if my SunPass is activated and working?

If you’ve set up the account with email info, you can sign in to see if your account was charged. It may not be immediate though. If you owe, they will track you down if you don’t pay. It may be a while, but they do catch up if you owe money.

“Although the funds in the account may not show up immediately upon activation, the system will recognize the license plate number and deduct the toll from the account,” said turnpike spokeswoman Sonyha Rodriguez-Miller.

Extra information: If you want to know where to buy an IPass go here! If you want to know how to activate your Illinois IPass go here!

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