How to find an internship in high school (WORKS FAST)

How to find an internship in high school

Preface: Knowing how to find an internship in high school can help you stand out in the college admissions process and provide you with many more benefits. You can read more about the benefits of internships in high school on my post here! I’m a high school senior who was able to find two internships in high school using my cold-calling method that you will read about below.


Look online | How to find an internship in high school

Before going to other means such as cold-calling and cold-emailing companies for an internship, you want to see what internship opportunities are available to high schoolers in your area by typing into Google “(your subject of interest) high school internships in (the city you live in).” If you want to broaden your search you can type in “high school internships in (the city you live in).” Internship opportunities that you find online typically have an application process that requires writing some essays and potentially even a recommendation letter from a teacher. If you are trying to get a summer internship, you should start looking for and applying to these online ones around December. Many competitive summer internships for high schoolers tend to close their applications around January and February. You can find a master list of high school internships on the home page of (the website you’re on now!). If you are in Chicago, I also made a blog post here that details all of the internships in Chicago that you can apply for online.


Cold-call, cold-email, and ask around | How to find an internship in high school

If you see that there are no internship opportunities in your location in your area of interest,  you can proceed to methods such as cold-calling and cold-emailing. Cold-calling and cold-emailing mean that the person you are calling/emailing typically doesn’t know who you are. It is an unsolicited call/email where you are trying to get a good or service, in this case an internship. I did both when I was finding an internship in high school. Cold-calling might be more effective for how to find an internship in high school because you are actually talking physically to a person, and I landed both a website development internship and digital marketing through cold-calling using the Google Maps cold-calling method I am about to describe. To find emails and phone numbers of people, the way I did it was I went to Google Maps and typed in places I want to intern for near you like I typed in “website development companies near me” into Google Maps and then started calling the companies that popped up. I got the phone numbers from their Google Map pin AKA their Google My Business. You should click Google Maps pins that are near your location and call them so that you can get an internship in your area.

See the blow screenshot of this process:


On these Google Map Pins, you will see that most have a button with the word website. If you want to get the email of the company, you can click this button to go to that company’s website and find their contact email on the website. It’s also a good idea to just ask people for internships who you find interesting.


Make a resume | How to find an internship in high school

Usually internships that you apply for require you to submit a resume in your application. It is also best practice if you are emailing a person and asking them for an internship, to include your resume as an attachment to your email. If you are also cold-calling people, if the person is slightly interested in you, they might ask you to email them your resume. Here is a Word Document with my resume that you can edit straight on there and put your information. Generally, resumes contain your work experience, and because you’re in high school, you can also add your school extracurriculars. You should also add any awards you have. You also want to include your name, email, and phone number.


Want to find a research opportunity? 

If you want to do research in high school you can read my guide on how to find research opportunities in high school here.

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