is not going to college okay

Is Not Going To College Okay? (The TRUTH)

Is Not Going To College Okay

The Ramifications of Not Going To College Vary Depending on Major | Is Not Going To College Okay

The ramifications of not going to college vary big time depending on what you want to do with your life. If you want to be a doctor you have to go to college. If you want to go into traditional management it’s going to be very hard if you don’t go to college. If you want to be a lawyer you also have to go to college in most cases. However, you can become a lawyer and go to law school without going to college. In general, most law schools require a bachelor’s degree, but California law schools don’t require a BA or BS to apply for admission. If you want to do tech and entrepreneurship then not going to college is okay. If you know the newest tech stuff and you can prove that to the company they will hire you. That differs from law and medicine. You have to have a law degree to be a lawyer. You can’t just take the BAR exam and become a lawyer. Do know that a lot of top tech people dropped out. Zuckerberg dropped out. Jobs dropped out. Bill Gates dropped out.

Have A Plan | Is Not Going To College Okay

Some people will say that if you don’t go to college you’re throwing your future away, but you need to have a plan, like getting a full-time job or a bunch of paid gigs like four or five projects. You can read my guide on how to find an internship as a high schooler here! Being successful has a lot to do with your ambition, your drive, and your networking. If you don’t have much of a plan and direction and then later end up settling into your little city job or a landscaping job, then not going to college is not okay. In addition, if you drop out of college and you get a job, and the employer pays for night school to finish your degree, then you come out ahead in multiple ways.

Real-World Example | Is Not Going To College Okay

At two companies that the website developer that I intern for, worked for, he was on the hiring committee, and there was a community college person who turned out to be a good programmer. Having the degree honestly didn’t really matter and his boss, who was the ultimate decision-maker, said that if they have a degree that’s great, and if they have a GPA that’s great but what we want is that if they can write code.  

More information | Is Not Going To College Okay

Know that you can get an undergraduate degree at any age. In general, it is better to not go to college instead of not completing because non-completers lose out on the benefits of a college degree and they usually face increased debt.

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