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ORD Parking | Parking at OHare Guide

There are several ORD parking options at O’Hare International Airport ranging from valet service to hourly and daily parking to long-term/economy parking. O’Hare’s parking lots are called Lot A, Lot B, Lot C, Economy Lot G, Economy Lot H, and Economy Lot F. There is also the International Terminal Lot D. 

O’Hare Aiport short-term parking vs O’Hare Airport long-term parking | ORD Parking

You can do O’Hare long-term parking (parking for more than a day) in any lot you want, but generally the Economy Lots are for long-term parking while Lots A, B, and C in the Main Garage are for short-term parking. This is because for Lots A, B, and C, it is cheaper in the short term such as if you’re parking for under three hours and more expensive in the long term such as if you’re parking for more than a day. By contrast, the Economy Lots’ rates are the opposite (cheaper in the long term but more expensive in the short term). This means that you shouldn’t use the main garage for extended overnight parking (long-term parking) as the daily rates are higher than the Economy Lots. 

Short term parking in the Main Garage (Lots A, B, and C) | ORD Parking

Lot A, B, and C are for short-term parking and Lots, A, B, and C are located in the main garage which is next to terminals 1, 2, and 3. Therefore, when you hear the terms “Main Garage daily parking” or “Main garage hourly parking” this will apply to you if you are parking in either Lot A, B, or C. Lots A, B, and C are above ground and other parts of these lots are below ground. 

Clearance in the Main Garage

The main garage has a clearance level of 6’6″

If you require a greater clearance and want to park near the terminals, we suggest using Lots B and C (outdoor lots) which have a clearance of 9’0″ and 8’5″ respectively. Lot A does not have an outdoor lot. 

The difference between Main Garage hourly parking and Main Garage daily parking is that:

The Main Garage hourly parking is located on Level 1 of the main garage so if you’re on level 1 in either Lot A, B, or C, the rates you will be charged will be the Main Garage Hourly Parking rates.

The Main Garage daily parking is located on Levels 2-6 of the main garage so if you’re on levels 2-6 in either Lots A, B, or C, the rates you will be charged will be the Main Garage Daily Parking rates.

Consensus: The Main Garage daily parking rates are cheaper than the Main Garage hourly rates, so in general if you are parking for the short term in the Main Garage you’d want to go to Levels 2-6 to get charged the Main Garage daily parking rates.

The ORD parking rates of the three Economy Lots (which is where you’d go for O’Hare long term parking) | Economy Parking O’Hare

Economy Lot G and Economy Lot H have the cheapest Economy Lot long-term parking rates at $15 a day. Economy Lot F is more expensive at $22 a day. You can view the different rates for O’Hare Economy Lots F, G, and H.

If parking in excess of 30 days, please call the Parking Garage Office to make arrangements in advance. Vehicles parked over 30 days, without prior arrangements, will be considered abandoned and may be towed at owner’s expense.

Valet parking and International Parking at O’Hare | O’Hare airport parking 

Read about where valet parking is and the prices of valet parking.

The O’Hare International Parking Lot is not intended for overnight stays as the rates are much higher than the overnight rates of the Economy Lots. The O’Hare international parking lot is for short term parking. You’d probably want to park at the international Parking Lot (AKA Terminal 5-Lot D) if you were picking up someone or dropping someone off at the international terminal. Here are the rates for the international parking lot. If you are trying to be cheap, know that the rates for the international parking lot are more expensive in the long term ($77 a day), but it is the same rate for 1-2 hours as the main garage’s daily and hourly rates at $6 for 1-2 hours.

How to ensure you find your parking place again | O’Hare airport parking

Each parking level is called a Chicago sports team. Levels are just the floor number. The parking ticket does not have what level or aisle you parked in. Make sure you make note of what level or aisle you parked in so that you can find your parking spot easier. Your parking ticket does have what lot you parked in though. See the O’Hare parking ticket below:

ord parking ticket

In elevator there will be a 3d barcode that identifies the elevator center number. A key to finding your car is to go back to the elevator center that you used when you parked your car – because it will be near your car. Hint: write down the elevator center number nearest your car.

ord airport 3d barcode ord parking


How to get to and from the different parking places at O’Hare airport

The red line in the below map is Ohare’s automated train (this train is called the Airport Transit System) that takes you around the airport’s terminals. The blue line in the map is the CTA blue line. To get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and 3 you can just walk or take the automated train. If connecting between domestic Terminals 1, 2 & 3, you DON’T have to leave the secured side and take the ATS, you can simply follow the overhead signage to guide you between all domestic terminals. To get between Terminal 5 and Terminals 1, 2 & 3, take the Airport Transit System (ATS).

ohareparking map

The blue line lets you off in a great spot. The O’Hare station is situated under the parking garage for Terminals 1, 2, and 3. When you come up the escalator from the station you are essentially “in the terminal”. A moving walkway takes you directly to terminal 1, 2 or 3 – without going outside. There is no shuttle bus, no connections, when you get off the blue line train at the O’Hare station you are not just inside the airport, you are inside the terminal. A way to save money on Uber/Lyft is to take the Blue line from the O’Hare station to the Rosemont station (10 minutes) and pick up an Uber/Lyft there. It is also far less stressful and crowded.

Another good piece of information to know is that baggage claim areas are below the departure area of the airplanes (which is where people board and get off planes/the gate to get on the airplane) in every terminal I’ve ever been in. I’ve never seen a terminal in the United States or Germany that did not follow this pattern.

How to get free parking at and around O’Hare  -> according to this link the Cell Phone Lot inside O’Hare basically lets you park for free. You can see where the Cell Phone Lot is in the map below:

ohareparking map

You often see people pull off to the side of the access highway (route 190). They don’t want to circle the airport repeatedly, so they pull off to the side and wait until they know the plane carrying whoever they are picking up has landed.

Helpful Parking Information | ORD Parking

Email comments or questions to

For an immediate response, call the Parking Garage Office at (773) 686-7530.

  • Accessible Parking is available in all parking areas. For details, call the Parking Garage Office
  • For any vehicle assistance including a dead battery or flat tires, contact the Parking Garage Office.
  • Chicago’s vehicle immobilization program, or the “boot” program, is enforced within O’Hare parking lots. If your car is “booted”, please call the Parking Garage Office.
  • Parking payments are made with the cashier upon exiting the lots. Cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and Carte Blanche are all accepted forms of payment.

How to see the ETA of your flight

There’s a flight tracker website that shows the live location of every airplane coming into O’Hare (and every other US airport!). There’s also the app called “FlightAware FlightTracker” available on IOS and Android. On the website and app you just enter the airline and the flight number and it shows you the real time location, speed and altitude of the airplane – and most importantly, it’s current ETA. If the flight has been delayed due to weather on route, you see that in real time, and you see the updated ETA in real time also – courtesy of Air Traffic Control. The site and app are not overly “techie.” It’s easy to understand.

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