Getting an high school internship isn't quite as hard as you might think

Internships play a crucial role in shaping one’s career. They not only help high schoolers, undergraduates and graduates gain real exposure to working environments, but they also help students develop the necessary skills required to stand out in a saturated job market.

Many students pursue internships during their junior or senior year of school. However, it’s never too early to begin applying and participating in internship programs, especially programs that are directly related to your career path.

Internships can be a great way to start building your professional network, develop skills and receive valuable feedback from professionals. They can also be a good indicator of whether you’ll like your future profession.

High school internships are about learning, experience, exposure, practice

Internships for high school students are sometimes hard to find

The mission of this website is to make internships for high school students easily accessible. We have a master list of high school internships below. After registering and logging in to this website, you will be able to list new internships for high school students. When a person adds an internship, they will get points which the user can use to redeem rewards on the Rewards System page specifically geared towards high schoolers such as SAT preparation resources. This is to incentivize high schoolers to add internships!

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When looking for high school interns, employers don’t really expect them to be experienced because that’s what high school internships are for.

The reason to do internships is to get experience such as experiencing work-life balance, and to build one’s resume. It is an opportunity for a career boost.

Searching for internships is not as straightforward as looking for regular jobs, unfortunately. Not all job boards offer internships, but not to worry!

What is behind the high school internship website?

To me, one's environment can affect how people act, especially young people, and I believe youth development is key to bettering our future. Studies show that when people are young they are easier to change. Therefore, the website Horizon Worldwide provides and encourages high school internships because I want to make young people hard working, I want to make them want to impact their communities, and I want to help them grow as people.

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Below is our master list of internships for high school students. Please select a country and then appropriate regions will pop up according to the country you selected.

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